Anthony Gottlieb on Rorty

Rorty had urged philosophers to abandon their intellectual hubris and instead content themselves with interminably swapping enlightening tales from diverse perspectives. It was never quite clear why anyone would want to listen to such stories without endings.

Rest here. On a related note, I was talking with a friend a while back about how embarrassingly seriously Rorty takes Freudian explanations of behavior, and how it would make more sense if you subbed in (reputable, not link-baity) ev psych or behavioral genetics. But the whole postmodernist project Rorty was engaged in doesn’t make any sense if one accepts – as one should – that the way we behave and conceive of ourselves is not just a collection of societal discourses but in large measure genetically heritable. Some things vary across cultures but a whole lot don’t. You can’t overthrow a hegemonic discourse that’s in your DNA.

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