3 thoughts on “Dueling Headlines

  1. A fair point. But surely you realize that the vast majority of the Senate Democratic caucus’ first preference isn’t for a bill that starts in 2013. That’s a political compromise, and a bad one. Using that as an excuse for delay is convenient, but lazy. Surely more people would vote for it if you chopped off a couple billion dollars by delaying the bill until 2015. Does that mean that we should do that and thus be even more stately in passing it?
    In any case, playing dumb about the fact that delay is the single most effective means of killing a bill, especially in the Senate, is silly. Waiting a couple more months isn’t going to result in a substantially better informed public with significant input into the process. It will produce a bill compromised by greater lobbyist interference.
    All that being said, I do find the apparent indifference to the human costs of uninsurance among both opponents with no plans of their own to propose and among liberals who think that going for health insurance first was a mistake to be rather jarring.

  2. Why should today’s high-school seniors apply for college now, when in any case they wouldn’t get their degrees until 2014? What’s the rush?

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