In Nature of a Substitute

Let me just repeat my earlier support for Barney Frank if he chooses to seek Kennedy’s seat. It would be a wonderful capstone for a tremendous career, and a huge step forward for America’s LGBT community. The fact that people like Glenn Thrush are calling him “hard to oppose” is encouraging.

P.S. Scratch that – Frank is saying he’s not interested. In that case, I’m a big Martha Coakley fan, Aqua Teen Hunger Force hilarity aside, and so I hope she runs and the eleven non-Frank Massachusetts House members will step aside to let her crush Mitt Romney, or whatever other sadsack the GOP puts up, more efficiently.

2 thoughts on “In Nature of a Substitute

  1. This is a really hard one for me. Ultimately I think it would be really hard to turn down the possibility of getting descriptive representation in the Senate. But I think he’s said in the past that he wouldn’t run if he had a chairmanship in the House. (Everyone starts at the bottom in the Senate).

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