NY Times Readers Are Failures As Human Beings

Clark Hoyt:

Jennifer Keen and Paul Sousa — the bride’s name is always first — could not have been more different from the other couples on the June 28 weddings and celebrations pages of The Times.

Sousa, 41, grew up homeless, was hooked on heroin by 15, and was in and out of prison for the next 24 years. Keen, 26, came from a stable household but said she was sexually abused by a relative and by 16 was addicted to methamphetamines, marijuana and alcohol. They met outside a Narcotics Anonymous meeting in Sacramento.

Their story of love and redemption — each is drug free and studying for a career — was told in Vows, the regular Sunday column that customarily features high achievers from more traditional walks of life.

A few readers did not like the change of pace. “Are we telling young adults it is alright to waste half their lives in a drug stupor and somehow it will magically work out?” wrote Richard S. Emrich of Plymouth, Mich. I heard from other readers who said they regarded the weddings pages as a place for upstanding people with good educations who come from good families. Sousa and Keen, they said, did not belong.

Bolds mine. You know when you know someone is motivated by pure, concentrated evil? When they read this and lament that they aren’t reading another piece about two ibankers’ children who met magically at the squash court as Groton freshmen. I wish all the best to Keen and Sousa, and may God have mercy on their doubters’ souls.

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