“Fast-paced and Addictive Fun!”

I should be getting ready for DC, doing various work, and generally being a productive member of society. But I’m not. Because I’ve found the greatest video ever:

A few reasons why this is so awesome:

  • That smile just will not stop. It has an independent existence from the person on which it is located, and it is unnervingly persistent.
  • They make the players wear uniforms. Apron uniforms.
  • The weirdly voyeuristic way in which the presenter describes the game in front of the players, while they appear not to know they’re being filmed.
  • The creepy, sing-songy back-and forth between the presenter and players (“as soon as someone has used up all their tiles, they yell…” “peel!”).
  • “The person who wins.” Remember kids, there are no winners or losers. There are “people who win” and “people who lose”, which is totally different.
  • *cut* “Bananagrams is a GREAT game!” *cut*
  • Completely addictive!” Like heroin! Child heroin.
  • You can play “at the cottage”! What, you don’t own a cottage? Are you some kind of peasant?
  • One of these has more parts of speech than the other ones: “At home, while you’re traveling, at the cottage, or bring it to a friend’s house!”
  • Twin puns! Not satisfied with “Who knew that going bananas could be so much fun?”, the presenter felt compelled to inform us that with Bananagrams, we’ve got “fun in the bag!” Get it, because it’s a bag shaped like a banana! Ha ha!
  • 3 thoughts on ““Fast-paced and Addictive Fun!”

    1. Agreed with Mike above. There’s a huge swath of Ontario called “cottage country” which is nothing but cottages — some of which can be rented for very reasonable prices.
      Also, I’ve played Bananagrams; it’s a surprisingly enjoyable game, and it comes in an amusing banana-shaped bag to boot! Two fun things in one! (I have never played Bananagrams at my cottage, though. Yet.)

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