My Rights Versus Yours

In which poor, oppressed, straight people who go to Harvard and clearly have a raw deal in this life explain their woes:

You know, whenever I read about an affirmative action lawsuit, be it Bakke or Grutter or Gratz, my mind tends to wander to the question: “what kind of white asshole files something like this?” After all, it takes a very special kind of myopia for immensely privileged people to position themselves as victims of some kind of civil rights violation.

My reaction to this is similar. Let’s be clear on what supposed injustice these people are “suffering” through. They have take the subway for two whole stops to get to MIT and take their classes, which, given as they are not part of the Harvard curriculum, do not count. That’s the problem. This is what they’re booking time on CNN to cry about. They have to take the Red Line two bloody stops, and/or take the 1 bus. It’s egregious, I know, and a worthy cause for violating the university’s anti-discrimination clause.

It’s one thing if they were having this argument after Don’t Ask Don’t Tell is repealed. That’d actually be an interesting debate, and there’s a non-trivial part of the student body that would, rightly or wrongly, feel uncomfortable about granting academic credit and recognition for the recruiting corps of American empire. But here, what we have is a bunch of über-privileged whiners who see no problem with demanding that the rights of LGBT students at Harvard be thrown under the bus so that they can save themselves the subway ride. The fact that they even get a hearing – let alone a horrendously biased informercial interrupted only once, by Marco of QSA, with the actual substance of the issue at hand – is outrageous.

1 thought on “My Rights Versus Yours

  1. Speaking as a student at a school that doesn’t appear to view its ROTC program as a violation of its non-discrimination policy, I couldn’t agree more.

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