Happy Passover

In which I am happy that I live in a place where I can get a kosher dinner at Hillel every week or so with my friends, and not, say, Atlanta:

It should be noted that I don’t actually think all Southerners are anti-Semites, or have a ignorance that’s “more unwavering and steadfast” than that of the rest of the country. I was, however, shocked that there exist festivals in which you buy tickets in order to buy other things. Then again, I grew up in an area in which there aren’t people, so the necessity that sort of crowd control will always be somewhat beyond me.

One thought on “Happy Passover

  1. It should be noted that as a student at a Southern university, I can go get a kosher meal any night of the week as well, including a seder tonight and kosher-for-passover meals the rest of the week. Of course, I’ll be taking those meals with all my Jewish friends from Long Island, New Jersey, South Florida and LA.

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