1 thought on “Deep Thoughts

  1. One of the arguments in the case of Israel is that if they use recognition of Israel as a precondition for negotiations, it’s ultimately bad for Israel itself. I have long accepted this argument as correct. Unless there is eventually a two-state solution, Israel could eventually unravel as a nation just as Rhodesia did. South Africa is another example. It was less racist and more conciliatory than Rhodesia, and partly for that reason it did not unravel as badly; nonetheless South African whites face depressed job opportunities and are emigrating year by year. This scenario of an incomplete democracy unraveling is not just a threat to Israel’s future, it could be the greatest threat.
    But to the extent that that is true of Israel, it is even more true of the Palestinians. Zimbabwe is not just a disaster for white Rhodesians, it’s a disaster for everyone other than Robert Mugabe and a few henchmen. It is one of the most failed states in the world, not just because of all of the terrible things that Rhodesia did, but also because of the violence and racism on Mugabe’s side. And things don’t look much better than that in Gaza.
    So I don’t know whether to “expect” the Palestinians to negotiate with Israel, but if they can’t realize that they should, recognition or no recognition, then how do they have a future?

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