High-Yield Housing

Which is more stereotypically Crimson,

  • The series of residential house reviews that’s running on the paper’s blog, clearly intended to terrify freshmen inform the public, or
  • The fact that they grade the houses using bond ratings (Adams is AAA! Leverett is BBB! Pforzheimer is junk! lolz)?

    Seriously, someone should inform FlyByBlog’s editors that there won’t be bonds by the time we graduate, because there won’t be companies solvent enough to issue them, thanks to the idiotic and incompetent bankers that this godforsaken school has churned out with such relish for decades. Also, they should know that “subprime” isn’t a category below “junk”, and was for the past decade synonymous with “AAA”, thanks to corrupt rating agencies staffed in large part by (you guessed it!) Harvard economics ABs. I really hate this place sometimes.

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