Juan Way

I don’t miss much about New Hampshire. The weather’s better in Massachusetts, there’s more to do, restaurants stay open past 11 pm, etc. But I do miss roads. Interstates. Highways. The real ones, not the clogged, frustrated ones that run through Cambridge and Boston. The ones you can drive the speed limit on, or more. The ones you can drive on for hours and see maybe one or two other cars. The ones that make driving an experience, rather than a means of transportation.

I’ve always felt somewhat guilty about this. Environmentally, of course, highways suck compared to mass transit, and joyriding sucks even more. The idea of trekking around for the heck of it, just to look around and see what you find, just seems decadent with the planet on the brink. But the open road’s a seductive thing, and given some of the places it takes you in rural NH, it’s even more seductive where I grew up.

So I have a tremendous amount of sympathy for what Ned Resnikoff and co. are doing here. Basically, Ned (an official Friend of the Blog) and friends are driving cross-country on an old school bus this summer. It’s being converted to run on veggie oil, so the carbon impact is lower than a typical road trip of this type. And they need your help. They need parking, hygienic assistance (showers, laundry, and the like), sustenance, the works. So help them out, and learn more about the project. In a culture where summers are expected to be spent working, interning, or on fellowship, there’s something admirable about eschewing that to better know one’s country.

2 thoughts on “Juan Way

  1. It should be pointed out that the roads in New Hampshire are frequently unpaved or pot-holed, unlit, and filled with motorcyclists without proper safety gear, due to (I’m guessing) your state’s lack of an income tax and bizarre libertarian streak. That said, driving around rural New Hampshire was one of my favorite parts about working in rural New Hampshire–second only to taking naps on the side of the road before canvassing.

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