Where We Be At

So a lot has changed in my life, writing-wise, in the past two weeks. The blog hasn’t changed with it, and that’s a problem. To recap:

  • Guest-blogged for Ezra again and had a blast, as always. For the record, I have not been kicked out of Harvard, but it’s good to know you have faith that I can someday, Brian. You can find most of the posts here, with the last one here.
  • Pushback shut down. This whole “let’s pay teenagers to blog” thing was pretty sweet while it lasted, but all good things must come to an end. That said, I’ll be writing more long-form pieces for Campus Progress in months to come. My latest, on Obama’s potential SCOTUS appointments, is up, and there’ll be more where than came from.
  • In more parochial news, Harvard’s liberal monthly, Perspective, marches on. We just had elections, and it looks like an all freshman leadership. I’ll be editor-in-chief, my good friends Ian Kumekawa, Lucy Caplan, and Joe Hodgkin will be managing editors, Ron Serko will be our treasurer, and the incomparable Daniel Villafana will be our social chair, a role he will undoubtedly use to make us all watch My Sassy Girl. Anyway, we’re in the midst of installing WordPress on our server now, so the website isn’t much to look at yet, but that’s a high priority and it should be looking a lot more like this shortly. Minus the crazy, of course.
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