You Can Be a Follower, But Who’s Your Leader?

Courtesy of Ygz’s comments section, this Tony Lukas piece basically nails the Kennedy School, both at the time and nineteen years later. Not only that, but Lukas almost off-handedly demolishes the IOP more effectively than either Garrett or I could:

For two decades, the grubby business of getting elected has been largely ”ghettoized” in the Institute of Politics, where defeated politicians repair for four-month stints as ”fellows” to brood over lost battles and teach the occasional noncredit seminar to starstruck undergraduates.

Yeah, pretty much. Also, Dick Neustadt’s proposal for “cross-fertilization” between the IOP and the rest of the Kennedy School is pretty hilarious:

”American bureaucrats, like the American professional middle class in general, have long felt themselves superior to politicians,” Neustadt says. ”I think it’s incumbent on a school dedicated to public service to take politics more seriously than that, because in our system only the politician carries legitimacy. We should administer an innoculation against sneering.”

Trust me, dealing with the IOP is hardly “innoculation against sneering”. Among most people, it provides considerable justification for such sneering.

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