From Matador Records’ FAQ:

Q: Avril Lavigne is awesome, when is her new album coming out?

A: Yes, she is great, isn’t she. But you’re thinking of Sub Pop Records. We don’t have anything to do with them.

Ouch. Seriously, though, Sub Pop sucks and should be shunned by all respectable people. You can’t call yourselves an indie label and not sell on eMusic. Period. The last album I bought from them was At Mount Zoomer but for anything less than Wolf Parade, no dice.

5 thoughts on “Buuuurn

  1. Jay – Oh, it’s an indie label, it’s just not a good corporate citizen.
    Dan – I’m not denying it carries good artists. It does, that’s the tragedy of it. That said, not putting your stuff on eMusic is greedy, greedy behavior.
    Garrett – True, but at least the reissues are on eMusic. And that live version of “Best Friend’s Arm” made the Wowee Zowee one totally worth it.

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