Sustaining the Mindset That Got Us Into War in the First Place

This…is bullshit:

By this past Thursday, when Mr. Obama reassured Mrs. Clinton that as secretary of state she would have direct access to him and could select her own staff, the wooing was complete.

No. Just no. I can deal with Hillary, but I will not stand for her staff having a role in American government. Not now. Not after they’ve enabled the past eight years of American foreign policy failure. Some of her advisors, like Jamie Rubin and Lee Feinstein, are just misguided. Others, like Michael O’Hanlon, Jack Keane, and especially Dick Holbrooke, are downright destructive. They’ve spent the last eight years aiding and abetting the systematic destruction of America’s moral standing, not to mention the death of hundreds of thousands of Iraqi civilians, and in a sane world they’d be run out of the public square. They deserve public shaming, not employment, let alone employment on the public dime.

There are Obama loyalists who should get these jobs. Zbigniew Brzezinski endorsed early, and should get State. Greg Craig endorsed early, and would be a stellar deputy. Susan Rice endorsed early, and should be national security adviser. Richard Danzig endorsed early, and deserves to get Defense. Instead we’re getting some weird team of Robert Gates, Jim Jones, and Hillary Clinton, with Clinton’s trigger-happy loyalists thrown in for good measure. This is bullshit.

3 thoughts on “Sustaining the Mindset That Got Us Into War in the First Place

  1. But they took risks, Daniel. They endorsed even though Dick Holbrooke was calling them and telling them they’d be shut out of a Hillary Clinton administration. They endorsed even though they knew Clinton had a better shot. What kind of message does it send when they then get passed over for Clinton and her cadre? What kind of message does it send to young policy wonks who are considering supporting the progressive candidate in 2016 even though he’s behind?
    What’s more, these people worked their asses off to get him elected. I still remember walking into the Lebanon, NH Obama office last January and seeing Richard Danzig and Greg Craig, ready to canvass. Not to act as surrogates, mind you. They went door-to-door in freezing New Hampshire weather to get people on board. What does it say, then, when Danzig looks like he’s going to get passed over for a Republican?

  2. Well of course you’re right there and it would be indeed a dick move to leave them out to dry like that. I also agree with you that Danzig and Craig and Rice would be superior choices but you know, what’s scariest to me about the NYTimes quote you include in the post is that foreign policy is THE area where Clinton and Obama really disagreed. It doesn’t really make sense to make her the head of foreign affairs. What’s more alarming is that even though she was given that position it was reasonable to assume her powers would be limited, especially with better foreign policy voices nearby. But no, it’s starting to look like she’ll get the position and be able to do whatever she wants with the staff she chooses. That’s basically Obama saying ‘Clinton’s foreign policy stances are better than mine.’ That’s why this is a bad idea.

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