3 thoughts on “Daschle at HHS

  1. Dylan,
    It’s not serious healthcare reform of it protects the ability of insurance corporations to take 30% off the top. That’s why we can’t afford healthcare.
    It’s crazy to me that we refuse to be inspired by the efficient and successful healthcare systems in scary places like Europe, Canada, and Taiwan.

  2. NA – If you can get 60 votes in the US Senate for single-payer health care, I’m all for passing it. You’re right; it’ll be better for cost controlling by creating monopsony, it’ll be more equitable, and it” reduce overhead. It sure wouldn’t be the best system – no one can argue that Canada’s health system is preferable to non-single payer ones like France’s – but it’s be a lot better than what we have now.
    Me, I’m going to keep writing in favor of bills that can pass.

  3. Remember that during the primaries, the big difference between Hillary Clinton’s health care plan and Obama’s was that Hillary proposed mandatory health insurance, while Obama proposed universal but optional health insurance. My impression was that Obama had triangulated. At least to some liberals such as Paul Krugman, Clinton’s plan looked better.
    Now they are about to push for universal health insurance, and the insurance companies have an interesting response. They say that they are willing to be universal insurers, if insurance is mandatory. They don’t want people to wait until they get sick before buying insurance. I’m tempted to think that they’re right and Obama is (or at least was) wrong.

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