Universal Waste

This blog takes me weird places. So the first thing I did at Harvard was clean Cabot House for a week under the tutelage of Garrett Dash Nelson and Matt Sundquist. Which was odd, because I had a number of mutual friends with those hooligans and, moreover, they’re regular liberal blog readers who had read my stuff at TAPPED, Ezra’s and here.

Only later did I learn that Garrett wrote the software that assigned people into cleaning groups, and that my placement was probably not that random at all. But by that time, Garrett and Matt had brainwashed me well and good into their weird Narodnik mindset, and managed to convince me that Harvard’s self-indulgent Undergraduate Council presidential election season was important enough that I should blog about it.

And so Universal Waste came to be. It includes the three of us, Garrett’s coblogger and general awesome person Mel McGowan, Markus Kolic of Dems Apples fame, Harvard mailing list guru Tyler Bosmeny, and the pretty much brilliant Prithvi Shankar. Together, we will spend more time than is sensible covering an election that affects pretty much nothing. Our first, group-written post is up here, and Matt has already profiled the two major presidential candidates, Ben Schwartz and Andrea Flores. So check it out if, for some weird reason, you find Harvard campus politics interesting.

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