2 thoughts on “The Real Reason I Don’t Want Hillary as SecState

  1. reasons Hillary is unfit for secstate:
    1) no experience. Has never sat on the foreign relations committee. Has never been charged with giving advice to foreign leaders as first ladies never are.
    2) her record of lying like with Bosnia. One other thing: the she can’t do her spadework and find out that the Bosinian conflic was three months over before her trip?
    3) her management style. Like with her campaign and every other staff she will pack hersself with ass kissers and strangle everyone to the point no one will be able to do anything.her management has been cited as a big reason she lost the election.
    4) she’s dodging subpoenas for her campaign fraud trial! why does the media not report on this?
    5) the risk of how deep she’s in with the chinese government thanks to Norman Hsu.
    6) Her support of NAFTA and sending jobs to India.
    7) She still owes $31 million in campaign debt.
    need I go on? If Obama wants to keep her under control why doesn’t he just put the bitch in jail?

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