Cabinet App

Words cannot express how awesome it is that there’s a jobs section on, which notes that “some positions will require Senate confirmation”. I just imagine John Kerry calling up Barack, asking to be Secretary of State, and Barack yelling back, “I told you to fill out the online application!”

2 thoughts on “Cabinet App

  1. Hi Dylan. Your early support for Obama was prescient, and it’s not just that he won the election. At this point he looks at least as good as Hillary Clinton in almost every respect. Congratulations for your successful first experience in politics.
    Even so, Scott Aaronson captures my opinion when says that Obama isn’t the Messiah, he just “doesn’t suck”.
    In particular I am dismayed at the energy/environment section of “Implement an economy-wide cap-and-trade program by 2050” is NOT a solution to the global warming problem, and neither is “Develop and deploy clean coal technology”. What America needs to do is to replace licenses for coal plants with zero-emission licenses. Maybe replacement has to be incremental, but it should begin now; it should not be slated 40 years into the future.
    In a different section, I’m not sure why it isn’t in this section, the site says that they will “extend the Production Tax Credit”. That is a little better, but here too, why are they only extending it instead of making it permanent?

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