Things that Make Me Happy

Nothing is as satisfying as watching David Cutler describe to 500 smug Harvard students, who’ve just spent a month or so learning about the evils of taxation and the virtues of the free market, every single market failure present in the health care industry. It’s as if there’s a giant neon sign saying, “Everything you learned in the last unit is far too simplistic to be anywhere close to relevant.”


Want to watch me awkwardly talk about the VP debate with Tom Vilsack and a bunch of college students? Yeah, didn’t think so, but if you’re ever really bored, I come in at about 16:37, talking about Palin and Biden’s response to the question Gwen Ifill asked about same-sex marriage.

The look on the Harvard Republican Club member next to me as I started talking about ex-gays is just about the greatest thing I’ve ever seen.