Because all the cool kids are doing it. Here’s my most optimistic, total landslide scenario:

Even though Louisiana and South Dakota are now dead heats, I don’t think this is too likely to happen. Conversely, here’s the worst-case, McCain win scenario:


Suffice it to say, that won’t happen either. So here’s my actual prediction:


Optimistic? Sure. But I’ve been consistently more optimistic about this campaign than most, and I’ve been consistently been proven right. There’s no reason to end that streak now. All maps courtesy of

2 thoughts on “Predictions

  1. I doubt that Georgia will go to Obama. I still feel uneasy about Florida & Ohio due to their history of voting irregularities, but I see several ways Obama can win without those states. Playing with CNN’s electoral vote calculator, starting out with the 2004 results, just adding Arizona, Colorado, and New Mexico (which seem very likely) will get him to 271, which I see as a likely worst case. Most likely he’ll win one or more of Ohio, Florida, or Virginia.

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