Want to watch me awkwardly talk about the VP debate with Tom Vilsack and a bunch of college students? Yeah, didn’t think so, but if you’re ever really bored, I come in at about 16:37, talking about Palin and Biden’s response to the question Gwen Ifill asked about same-sex marriage.

The look on the Harvard Republican Club member next to me as I started talking about ex-gays is just about the greatest thing I’ve ever seen.

4 thoughts on “D-MTV

  1. It’s somewhat comforting that the College Republican seemed to believe that his VP candidate wasn’t anti-gay — presumably with that reaction it is what he would want from his party’s candidates. It’s less encouraging, but not at all surprising, that he would be so uninformed about her true record.
    This was fun. Next up, Bloggingheads.tv.

  2. Your comment was well put, and I remember watching Palin answer that question and thinking to myself “I bet the McCain campaign is cringing right now and wondering whether or not they should issue a clarification.”
    But whoa! Your voice has changed sooooo much, Dylan. That was a real trip.

  3. Eheheh. You’re the most under-dressed person in that room. Quality is fuzzy, but tell me: are those plain gray-slacks you’re wearing?

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