BHO, We Run This Prez Ish

Via Spack, Mark Pike updates Takeover for the election:

You said you been in Senate 22 years. I been in it 4.

Smarten up Mac, I can tally the score.

McCain-Feingold was ill, but that’s your only Billmatic.

Keating Five was meh, and the rest was just average.

That’s so lame, now you try to spit game?

Perfect your aim. You stepped to Obama. It’s time for CHANGE

BHO, we run this Prez ish

Biden, we run this Veep ish.

WATCH OUT. We runnin’ for White House

That said, I can really live without McCain trying out his flow with, “I am the truest, name a politician that I ain’t influenced / Gave y’all chapters but now I keep my eyes on the Judas / With Hawaiian fame, kept my name in his musings”. And if he asks if Obama is “h to the izzo, m to the izzo” we’ll know this whole thing has gone too far.

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