Tom Frank is on a book tour. One of his book tour events was in Cambridge. I wrote about it for The Crimson. You should read it.

In all seriousness, this was fun. I’ve been known to poke fun at the more overwrought aspects of Crimson culture – like the fact that the main meeting room is called “The Sanctum” – but it’s pretty cool that when a writer finishes their first article their editor grabs an intercom and announces to the whole building, “Attention, Dylan R. Matthews has finished his first Crimson article.” Harvard can get pretty cutthroat at times, obviously, so empathetic touches like that are always a nice respite.

3 thoughts on “Journamalism

  1. Yeah, I’ll be doing it in the comment section of the Harvard Dems again.
    The thing I hate most about digital rights management isn’t the restriction on personal freedom, though that sucks; it’s the hijacking of my initial.

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