I had been planning to liveblog at the Harvard Dems’ site, and might pick up there as the night goes along, but for technical reasons I’ll be writing here until further notice.

9:02PM I love this format.

9:03PM Leads with the bailout package. Obama gets a nice little dig in about how he “couldn’t think of a better time” for a debate.

9:05PM Obama’s doing a good job of laying out the substance of his plan. It looks like he knows his shit, because he does.

9:06PM Slides into a critique of deregulation, calling out Bush and McCain by name. Nice.

9:08PM “I haven’t been feeling too good about a lot of things” – we know, John. Also, “I’ve been around a while” – really, emphasize your age a lot.

9:09PM Obama plays the prescience card on the crisis. Good call.

9:10PM “Are you going to vote for the plan?” “I hope so.” WTF?

9:11PM D-day is the biggest invasion “forever”. What about the Martian invasion of the Moon in 2137?

9:12PM This “say it directly to him” thing is ludicrous.

9:14PM Shorter McCain: “Why do you hate American workers?”

9:15PM Moving the liveblog here.

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