“Many of My Best Surrogates Are Black!”


The person Obama chose to play John McCain in his debate preparation: Greg Craig. It makes sense: Craig played Bush to help Kerry prepare four years ago, and Kerry cleaned Bush’s clock, so this is a good call.

The person McCain chose to play Obama in his debate preparation: Michael Steele. Wow. He’s not practicing debating an immensely intelligent, thoughtful political rival. He’s practicing debating one of them darkies. Unbelievable.

4 thoughts on ““Many of My Best Surrogates Are Black!”

  1. Also note that McCain plans to prepare for the debate by TAKING A NAP, while Obama plans to work out. I think that says a lot about their readiness. As president, would McCain get cranky if he doesn’t take his afternoon nap? Would he be ready to answer the phone when it’s naptime?

  2. Right, and if Michael Steel was unavailable, McCain probably would have asked Alan Keyes to play the part. All blacks are the same, remember?

  3. Yes, and tying this tangentially to your last post I saw him the previous week on Real Time and Steele was just awful. His primary argument throughout was a snide and petulant, “Keep it up Bill.” When he was called on his bs he went to that place perfected by all elementary school arguers — just you wait and see. I guess we should just be grateful McCain didn’t ask Jimmie Walker to prep him. Friday is going to be fun.

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