I Guess This Makes Up for James Inhofe

I’m pretty beat, between another day of cleaning and getting all my stuff moved into my dorm (Wigglesworth represent). But I should just note that it’s pretty awesome that the best musical product of Oklahoma, The Flaming Lips, might get “Do You Realize??” named as the official rock song of that state. Considering as their main competition is All-American Rejects, voters would have to be pretty stupid to not choose the Lips and their morbidly pleasant ode to death. That said, I’m somewhat disappointed that they nominated a track from Yoshimi instead of The Soft Bulletin. Good as “Do You Realize??” is, I still prefer “Race for the Prize”, “Waitin’ for a Superman”, and especially “Buggin'”:


You can vote for “Do You Realize??” here. Vote early, vote often.

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