Marc Ambinder transcribes something like five of my conversations today and yesterday:

Me: “Is Gov. Palin ready to be president from day one?”

Delegate: “Is Obama?”

Me: “I asked about Gov. Palin.”

Delegate: “Well, I’m asking about Obama.”

Me: “Palin.”

Delegate: “Obama.”

This isn’t an actual argument. The right to use, “I know you are, but what am I?” as a rhetorical device ends in third grade. Moreover, even granting the laughable assumption that running a petro-state for 20 months is equivalent foreign policy experience to working on nuclear nonproliferation as a US Senator for four years, the argument still doesn’t make any sense. As Nate Silver says, you’d probably want the more experienced person on the bottom of the ticket, as their ascent into the president will necessarily emanate from a national crisis.

In any case, McCain’s failure to run a halfway competent vetting operation has led to the never-ceasing gift that is Sarah Palin’s past. Kevin has a good rundown of the issues – personal, legal, and other – but I just want to focus for a second on how awesome it is that there’s an Alaskan secessionist on the Republican ticket. I mean, goddamn. I want the quote “I’ve got no use for America or her damned institutions” on every cable network from now until the election. I think Ezra commenter rickhavoc wins the subject with, “The party of Lincoln nominates a secessionist? Finally!”

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