Well, I give McCain points for a total fake-out. I deduct massive points for setting up someone with a two-year record as governor of the 48th largest state in the union and previous experience in the government of a 8,000 person town for a VP debate against Joe Biden. I mean, really, he’s going to skin her alive. I also deduct points for totally defusing the experience debate. Say what you will about Obama’s record, but do you really want Sarah Palin as your president? Really?

Also, it’s worth noting that Palin’s currently under investigation by the Alaska legislature for abuse of office. That isn’t too surprising, Alaska politics being what they are, but for someone who made her name as an ethics campaigner that’s pretty damning stuff.

That said, no matter who wins this November there’s going to be either the first black president or the first woman vice-president. That’s progress. Good on McCain that way, just like it was good for Mondale to pick Geraldine Ferraro. Sure, it went down in the annals of horrid VP decisions, like Palin will, but hey, history’s being made, and I give him credit for that.

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