More Palin

Sweet Jesus, Jeffrey Goldberg is a tremendous tool:

Palin: More Experience Than Obama, Biden, and McCain.

In running something, that is. She’s been in charge of a state (a large one, so I’m told) for two years. The three men in the race have run senate offices. So McCain, in other words, chooses experience.

I really hope he’s being facetious. This isn’t “but Alaska’s by Russia!”-level idiocy, but it’s close.

In other news, I really hope this, especially from 2:50 onward, carpets the airwaves:

Yep, I suspect she will be surprised how big the veep job is. See Davenoon over at LG&M, an Alaska native, on just how unprepared she is.

For the broader implications, Amanda Marcotte really nails it: this is aimed at the low-information Hillary voters who gawk at a female pronoun without caring to look at the anti-choice record that lies beneath. This wasn’t a pick intended to help McCain govern. The former mayor of a city smaller than my hometown can’t help him run the country. It’s a totally cynical, disgusting choice that, gives the likelihood of McCain dying in office, leaves me legitimately worried about what would happen were she to ascend to the presidency.

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