More Jeff Goldberg Hackery

I suppose it would be “vile, Pat Buchanan-vile” for me to accuse Jeffrey Goldberg, American-born IDF veteran that he is, of dual loyalties. I mean, that’s just disgusting Jew-baiting.

Look, in the post that Goldberg lambasts, Jim Wolcott is doing no more than pointing out that Eric Cantor votes for whatever AIPAC tells him to. Mentioning this doesn’t make Wolcott anti-semitic in the slightest. Lincoln Diaz-Balart votes for whatever CNAF tells him to. He’s essentially an unregistered lobbyist for the Cuban opposition. It doesn’t make me racist or anti-Cuban or pro-Castro to say that. It makes me a half-way competent observer of interest group politics.

The Israeli lobby is a powerful force in American foreign policymaking. Goldberg can try to cloud that by tossing about careless accusations of bigotry, but that’s just a fact. It’s one conservatives on the Israel-Palestine conflict, like Goldberg, should celebrate. Instead, they try to have it both ways, simultaneously supporting the lobby and denying its existence or influence. Pick one, Jeff. Either AIPAC is a substantially righteous force or an irrelevant one. It can’t be both.

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