Yes, Barack Obama Supports Gay Rights

Seriously, what the ever-loving hell is wrong with Shakesville? First McEwan dropped this, now deeky joins in the crazy talk:

Here’s the thing. I know Obama’s record. And, as I’ve pointed out recently, that record includes McClurkin and Meeks. But really, aside from that, what is the campaign saying? That McCain is worse than Obama? Yeah, we know. We all know that. We’ve never said otherwise. But you know what? That old saw is not exactly change I can believe in. It’s the same old bullshit I’ve been hearing for most of my life. And I need something more than that.

But should I be expect it? Not according to the Advocate: “For any gay voter waiting to hear someone from the Obama campaign ask for their support, there it was.” Really? That’s it? Not even a word from the candidate himself? That’s nice.

Michelle Obama did speak at the LGBT delegate luncheon on Tuesday, and spoke for nearly 30 minutes. Too bad Michelle isn’t running for president. Too bad the man who wants the LGBT vote couldn’t deliver that request himself.

It’d be nice if deeky focused less on symbolic nonsense like the McClurkin non-scandal, and more on the fact that Obama is easily the most pro-gay candidate nominated by either party, ever. For instance, if deeky were intellectually honest he’d note that Obama has supported full repeal of the Defense of Marriage Act, which Hillary Clinton opposed. He’d mention that Obama supports gay marriage in California. He’d mention that Obama wants federal recognition for gay marriage and civil unions, something neither Hillary nor Edwards backed. Hell, if he cares about symbolic gestures, how about Obama issuing a statement on the death of Del Martin? I personally could never understand for the life of me this Hillary love among gays and lesbians, given how she sat idly by while her husband screwed gays over on everything from Don’t Ask Don’t Tell to the Defense of Marriage Act. But even given that phenomenon’s existence, deeky should be ashamed of himself for this kind of blogospheric malpractice. I mean that.

Oh, and by the way? Gays are only 4.1% of the population. We don’t really have room to complain when Obama “only” sends his wife and the architect of his field strategy to court us.

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