Power on Biden

To see how well Joe Biden will mesh with the rest of Obama’s foreign policy circle, I just had the radical idea of walking two feet over to my bookcase and checking the index of “A Problem From Hell” to see what Samantha Power has to say about him. The only real mention is in the section on Bosnia, pages 301-302, and it’s, thus, pretty positive. Just for perspective, this is from spring of 1993:

Senator Joseph Biden (D.-Del.) had partnered with Dole in a bipartisan Senate campaign to aid the besieged Muslims. Under President Bush, the pair had introduced legislation that would have authorized the provision of up to $50 million in Defense Department stocks of military weapons and equipment to the Bosnian Muslims as soon as the embargo was lifted. Biden visited Sarajevo in April and, on his return, his rage intensified. Sounding a lot like Theodore Roosevelt three-quarters of a century earlier, Biden accused the Clinton administration of placing relief workers and peacekeepers in circumstances in which they did not belong and then using their presence as an excuse for inaction. The new world order was in shambles, he declared, because the Untied States and its allies were giving a new meaning to collective security. “As defined by this generation of leaders,” Biden said, “collective security means arranging to blame one another for inaction, so that everyone has an excuse. It does not mean standing together; it means hiding together.”

She goes on to credit Biden and Dole, among others, for pressuring Clinton into adopting the “lift and strike” policy of lifting the arms embargo against the Bosnian Muslims in conjunction with air-strikes against Serbia.

It’s worth remembering, as well, just how excellent Biden has been on Darfur:

2,500 NATO troops on the ground and a no-fly zone: that’s awesome. Any administration with Biden and Power in it is easily going to be the most serious about stopping genocide in American history.

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