Obama-Biden 2008


CNN reports and the AP confirms it. See here for more coherent thoughts. He’s not Jack Reed, and he’s not Kathleen Sebelius, but he’s far, far better than Kaine or Bayh. Obama’s done a superb job of lowering expectations on this, and the more I think about it, the more it sinks in what a gutsy move this is. He’s taking an infamously volatile Senator with a voting record as long as the eye can see and plenty of baggage to dredge up because he thinks he would be an addition to his administration. He’s not picking him strictly for politics; there are safer choices, like Kaine and Bayh. He’s not picking him as a favor; Biden will be 74 in 2016, so this will be his last job in politics if elected. He’s picking him because he thinks he’ll be a great vice president. In a way, that’s what this process should come down to. Even though I don’t think Biden was the best of the possibilities, I have a lot of respect for Obama for doing this.

P.S. This is really funny in light of the news. I can just imagine the Larry Johnson post accusing Obama of picking Biden to pressure him into keeping quiet about their affair:

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