Biden Remainders

Thanks to calipygian for bringing up this reference:

As Stringer Bell lectured, Joe Biden is like a 40 degree day. Too warm for the big puffy coats and bitch about the cold, too cold to break out the grill and enjoy the warm day.

For you non-Wire fans out there, this is what he’s talking about:

Goddamn, I love Stringer Bell. Anyway, I’m actually thinking it’s more of a 50 degree day (not barbecuing, but brings a smile to my face), but this encapsulates the difficulty of balancing the pick’s pros and cons really well.

In other news, good friends on the web team at TAP have reposted Dana Goldstein’s dispatch from the Biden campaign in Iowa. It really gets across his confidence, even arrogance on foreign policy issues. That aspect of his personality gets talked up a lot, but Dana, great writer that she is, illustrates it quite well. Read the whole thing.

Finally, this really demonstrates what frustrates me about Shakesville, namely its tendency toward breathless, barely provoked outrage-fests. Look, Biden has flaws, and deserves to be be called on them. But worse than Evan Bayh? Seriously? This Evan Bayh? This Evan Bayh? I’m sorry, but whatever Biden’s gaffes have been, Bayh’s horrendous record on the war (you know, an actual issue) is far worse. And for the record, occasionally making unfortunate remarks about people of color and women over the course of a 36-year political career doesn’t make someone an unforgivable racist/sexist. It makes them human. Sorry.

2 thoughts on “Biden Remainders

  1. I’ve all but given up on Shakesville at this point. Whatever insight the writers may have (which, truth be told, isn’t very much) isn’t worth slogging through the dozens of terribly unfair, ill-thought posts about how such and such person is an unrepentant sexist, or something.

  2. I’m slowly coming around to that opinion Jamelle. It’s sad, because they used to be so consistently sensible. But when zuzu still hasn’t come to terms with Clinton’s defeat, and Chet Scoville is musing about a Nader vote, it’s hard to take.

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