Obama Has Decided

From a USA Today interview (via Queerty):


And now we wait. Queerty also notes that Obama met with Tim Kaine this morning. It was only 15 minutes long, so it's possible it was just a notification of being turned down. In any case, Obama's been in Virginia since yesterday, and I doubt he's foolish enough to pick Kaine and not use him for two days to get a bounce there.

So I think Kaine's out. Beau Biden's headed to Iraq, which could either boost (he has a son in Iraq! he cares about the troops!) or hurt (Beau is the default choice to succeed his dad, which could be complicated if he's in Fallujah when January 2009 rolls around) Joe's prospects.

Let's all hope it's either Kathleen Sebelius or an out-of-the-blue monster pick (Gore, anyone?). If it's Nunn or Bayh I'm going to kick something.

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