New Issue

The American Prospect: bringing you the human-animal hybrids the Bush administration wants to ban. I was rooting for the title "Leader of the Pack" complete with a picture of the Shangri-Las with Dean, Pelosi, and Reid's heads photoshopped in, but cooler heads prevailed.

Anyway, the September issue's out, and Dana and Ezra get the cover story with a great piece on Obama's effort to connect with and build upon the existing party infrastructure, touching on everything from his decision to hire numerous Daschle and Gephardt veterans for his campaign and Senate office to his "down-ticket campaign" where goals like influencing the 2010 redistricting in Texas come into play when deciding where to spend funds.

Elsewhere in the issue, Rick Perlstein recommends that Obama frontload his legislative schedule, Kevin Carey attacks the recent Democratic approach to education policy, and Alyssa Rosenberg laments the lack of good female-headed superhero blockbusters. What's that you say? These are behind a subscriber wall? Well, there's an easy fix for that.

P.S. What's this?

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