An End Has a Start

In about an hour, I'll be leaving DC for NH, where I'll stay until Harvard starts up at the end of the month. This means the awesomeness of TAP has come to an end for me, at least for now. It was a hell of a ride, and there's nothing quite as satisfying as getting a tangible glossy magazine and knowing what went into each and every article in there. So yeah, pick up the September issue of the Prospect. You won't be disappointed.

Anyway, I've been tapped, along with several far more distinguished people, to guestblog for Ezra while he's living it up in Israel this week. Check over there for most things until next Saturday.

2 thoughts on “An End Has a Start

  1. I very much look forward to following your writing once you are ensconced securely in Cambridge and I hope you will share some of the flavor of your new world as well as continuing to share the political/newsy perceptive your site viewers are accustomed to. It’s a magic time.

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