Russia Invades Georgia

Well, we can't say this was the first time.

The Abkhazia/South Ossetia question is a tricky one morally, but at the end of the day my sympathies lie with Georgia. While Saakashvili was foolish to let it get this far, Medvedev did bomb Tblisi's airport, and I hope the Georgians are able to pull this out Grozny-style.

1 thought on “Russia Invades Georgia

  1. It might be a bit more correct to say that Russian air forces bombed _military_ airport not far from Tbilisi (, right? Sorry, but for casual reader the post may sound like Tbilisi civilian international airport is bombed…
    As far as overall situation goes…
    In your opinion, what steps Russia had to make to defend its citizen in SO when:
    – Georgian forces have almost destroyed city of Tskhinvali with GRAD artillery fire in surprise attack? (, August 7)
    – Security Council, called on Russia request, failed to force Georgia to stop that and retreat to initial Aug 6 positions?

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