2 thoughts on “Lykke Li

  1. With all due respect, I had trouble listening to “Lykke Li” after less than a minute. She seems untalented, and selected for her age and looks.
    For that matter, I’ve gotten suspicious of the “indie music” concept. The concept does serve as an admission that pop music is inseparable for its marketing. But the idea that they are truly independent from the music industry is dubious. “Indie” degenerates into just another marketing tag. In any case few of these singers are all that innovative. Sometimes specific songs seem innovative, e.g., “Red Red Wine” or “Rock Lobster” from the earlier and highly analogous New Wave period; but entire bands rarely do.
    One thing that is interesting to me is that Lykke Li was born in the same town as my sister: Ystad, Sweden. I was there in 2004.

  2. I resolved to stay away from the topic of classical music in the comments of this post.
    So I would still like to mention the movie Pinjar that we finished watching last night. The movie starts off corny, but it turns into a good movie after about 45 minutes. Among other things, it’s about the India-Pakistan partition.
    The music, even though at first I thought it was corny too, grew on me a lot. You can get the soundtrack.
    Sometimes I get the feeling that India’s culture and society are like Europe in the 19th century. It is poor and inefficient by modern Western standards — though that is changing and is in any case a historical accident. But its culture also seems less sterile and less jaded. For instance, they have their own notions of classical, folk, and pop music and, as in the West in 1900, the split between them seems less pronounced than in the West now.

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