My Job Here Is Done

Jamie Kirchick calls me out by name. Apparently, I am part of “marginal attempts by far left feminist and ‘queer’ activists to upend a vital social institution.” Note the scare quotes around “queer”; I don’t like calling people self-hating anythings usually, but Kirchick’s really pushing it. Anyway, I’ve inspired the wrath of Kirchick, my life is complete.

One thing, though: Kirchick, like Jesse, didn’t get this point of mine:

Imagine a traditional wedding in which two white families are sitting on either side of the aisle. Now imagine a wedding in which one side is completely white and the other completely black. See the problem?

This was unclear, and it warrants more explanation. Here’s what I wrote in Jesse’s comment thread:

The point of the images in the section on interracial marriage was meant to emphasize the degree to which the marriage ceremony stratifies the families of interracial couples, while uniting the friends and families of same-race couples.

But for Kirchick to deny the racial issues at play with marriage is of a piece with the kind of purposeful thickness that he displays, well, everywhere.

4 thoughts on “My Job Here Is Done

  1. Mike might be giving Kirchick more credit than he deserves, but it’s always nice to be attacked by someone as clownish as Jamie. I tried to read his hysterical piece in Politico last week, but I only have so much patience in mid-summer temperatures. For any gay person to use queer with scare quotes suggests something is seriously wrong with them unless, and this is being unnecessarily generous to Jamie, he did so because he was afraid he might be interpreted as using it as a slur by those unfamiliar with the appropriation of the term in the LGBT community. (Note he’s also much more comfortable with Homosexual than he is with Gay – something I find disturbing.) Beyond all of that though, I continue to marvel at his stubborn insistence on not seeing anything in a historical context or his complete lack of empathy for the experiences of others. His tone is about all he has, and a nasty, unpleasant tone it is.

  2. This discussion has gotten too complicated for me. As best I can tell, it’s a quarrel over the right method to support gay marriage, further fueled by conservative credentials of one of the participants.
    This issue for me is relatively simple. I am very glad that I’m married. My sister and her domestic partner want to be married and will be married. If someone else doesn’t want to be married for personal reasons, fine, it’s their business. If they don’t want to get married because the institution of marriage is tainted by social injustice, then I don’t entirely agree: If two committed people can trust each other, then their marriage can be as fair as they want it to be. But again, it’s their business, and I don’t care to pursue a quarrel.
    In fact, I think that it’s a real shame to have a quarrel, when the real task at hand is to defeat mean-spirited proposals such as California’s Proposition 8.

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