Shameless Self-Promotion Update

I have an interview with J Street‘s Jeremy Ben-Ami up at TAP Online. I think I got some good stuff from him, if I may so so myself, especially the AIPAC portion Ezra highlights here.

Oh, and a TAPPED roundup:

June 27th: “Unity Hiring”, on Obama hiring former Clintonistas.

June 30th: “You Can Be a Follower, But Who’s Your Leader?”, on Nigerian Anglican archbishop’s Peter Akinola’s severe homophobia. Points if you can tell me the song the title quote is from.

July 1st: “Turn and Face the Change”, on Obama changing course on same-sex marriage. I got an angry email from an Obama press secretary about this one – victory!

July 2nd: “What McCain Knows”, on McCain’s economic knowledge or lack thereof. I tried to title it “What You Know About That? McCain Knows All About That!”, but the T.I. could not survive.

July 7th: “Webb: ‘Under No Circumstances Will I Be a Candidate For Vice President.'” I think that one’s self-explanatory.

July 15th: “Minor Threat.” In which my reckless disregard for the Islamofascist menace is made patently clear.

July 15th: “The Outrage Culture.” Hey, media, why so mad?

July 16th: “Nunn Sense.” Take a wild guess at what I think about Sam Nunn.

July 17th: “Shooting Those Washington Bullets Again.” On a proposal to whack Robert Mugabe. Here the title reference is pretty easy.

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