In case you haven’t heard, some assholes shot Brian Beutler, awesome blogger and FISA and torture muckracker extraordinaire, three times last night. He’s going to be fine, thank God, and seeing the folks down here at the Prospect respond has been heartening. They care deeply and it shows. Get well, Brian.
Update: Okay, Beutler flash-back. In February, as part of a meme Matt and Ned started, I bestowed Brian with an “excellent blog award”, writing, “Beutler has a unique way of writing a post of two or three sentences that makes a point that a) I’ve never heard made before b) I hadn’t thought of before and c) is utterly brilliant. His mixture of concision and originality is pretty refreshing.” Brian left a comment on the post, saying, “I also think Beutler is brilliant. Simply. Brilliant.” That’s how awesome and self-deprecating a guy he is. Attackerman is setting up a benefit concert and PayPal fund to pay for Brian’s health care, so if you’re in the DC area, go to the concert, and if not, try to find some funds to scrounge up for him.

1 thought on “Beutler

  1. Yikes. I saw on McArdle’s blog that “a friend” had been shot, but I didn’t know that was Beutler. When I saw his name several times in blog post titles on Google Reader I thought “Crap, don’t tell me he died.” Thank God he’s alright.

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