DC Update

You know what’s awesome? The American Prospect. I started my internship Monday, and it’s been great so far, in no small part because of the opportunity of writing for TAPPED, the group blog so awesome Joe Strummer liked it. That’s where most of my blogging has been this week; I’ll probably put more apolitical posts here throughout the summer, and do compilation posts (like this) of TAPPED stuff. So far I’ve got:
“Ten for Ten”, on the list Foreign Policy and Prospect (the British one) put together of the world’s top intellectuals; all members of the top ten this year were Muslim.
“Bruno Retires”, on, well, New York State Senate President Joe Bruno’s retirement.
“No, the Other Edwards”, opposing Nancy Pelosi’s suggestion of Rep. Chet Edwards (D-TX) as Obama’s running-mate. Coincidentally, I’m staying at the George Washington University dorms while I’m in DC, and my roommate is working on Edwards’ reelection campaign as a part of his job with Fraioli & Associates. Apparently, Edwards threw a fundraiser Tuesday night, after Pelosi suggested him, and it was better covered and attended than anticipated. It seems pretty safe to say that Pelosi had intended more to boost Edwards’ fundraising numbers than to actually get Obama to consider him.
“This Is Not the ‘Change’ Conservative You’re Looking For”, about Bobby Jindal’s deeply-seeded belief that castration is the greatest punishment technique since the iron maiden. No, seriously, he wants to castrate all sex offenders. Also, another reason the Prospect is fantastic? I was able to sneak an A New Hope reference into the post title. ‘Cause I’m cool like that.

2 thoughts on “DC Update

  1. I’ve enjoyed your pithy posts for Tapped this week Dylan. Keep it up and congratulations on your internship!

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