Having Nunn of It – Yet Another Update

Thanks so much to David Mixner, Matt Zeitlin, Ezra Klein and (via email) Steve Clemens for their support. Also, a great deal of thanks are in order for Barney Frank, who made it clear publicly and to Obama’s VP vetters that picking Nunn is unacceptable. With Rep. Carolyn Cheeks Kilpatrick coming out of a Congressional Black Caucus meeting saying Obama name-dropped Nunn alongside Edwards as a VP possibility, the possibility of an Obama/Nunn is still very real, and still very disturbing. Sign the petition and pass it along if you haven’t already. It’s important.
In other bad VP news, both Chuck Hagel himself and Ted Sorensen are promoting Hagel as a VP option. This is, suffice it to say, an even worse idea than Nunn, so bad that I really doubt Obama is seriously considering it. Take one look at Hagel’s voting record. He gets a 0% rating from NARAL, the Human Rights Campaign, the League of Conservation Voters, SANE (the anti-nuclear group), Americans United for the Separation of Church and State, and the Center for Tax Justice. He gets an A from the NRA and 100% ratings from the National Right-to-Life Committee and the Christian Coalition. He gets an 8% from the AFL-CIO, an 11% from the NAACP, and a 36% from the NEA. He boasts a 92% from Cato and an 87% from the US Chamber of Commerce. The man’s really really conservative. He’d be conservative for a Republican running mate. The only issue on which he’s even close to in line with the Democratic caucus is Iraq – and he wasn’t even against it from the start like Obama. He even voted repeatedly against timetables. The man’s a conservative. He talks nice to reporters, and he hits the occasional right note about foreign policy, but he has no place anywhere near a Democratic ticket or cabinet.

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