I Am Aware of All Internet Traditions

This is why I love LG&M. So, d, as is his habit, wrote a “shorter” post mockingly condensing a wingnut blogger’s argument about how sweet it would have been if Michelle Obama were on tape attacking “whitey” (Michelle, to her credit, has one badass response to this smear). One of the blogger’s commenters took umbrage:

I should like to point out that the quote you excerpted
does not exist
in neoneocon’s post. Nor does it exist in the comments.

I can’t believe you would just make it up, but neither do I believe that the post by neoneocon was altered since I was the first in the thread and the post was then as you see it now.
Indeed, the quote appears nowhere in the post that you point to. Can you please explain this?

And yes, it was spaced like that. Some, like Jeff Fecke, were content to yell “FAIL” and leave it at that, but others tried to explain the concept of “shorter” to the poor soul. He was having none of it:

I am aware of all internet traditions and also of literary conventions in which placing something in quotes or in a blockquote means that your are quoting that person.

This being the internets, this lead to:




And, of course:

So thank you, anonymous clueless internet troll. You have improved the world, and more specifically the world’s meme supply, immensely.

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