Having Nunn of It

According to this morning’s Boston Globe, Sam Nunn is near the top of Obama’s VP shortlist:

The liberal freshman from Illinois and the national security specialist from rural Georgia immediately hit it off, according to interviews with confidants of the two men.

For two decades, Nunn has been floated as a potential vice presidential candidate by virtue of his national security credentials and conservative southern roots. And each time he has dis missed such talk out of hand, while the party’s nominees opted for more liberal choices from states more likely to go Democratic in November.
But this year, the personal and intellectual affinity between the presumptive Democratic nominee and the 69-year-old elder statesman – who abandoned a policy of not backing candidates in Democratic primaries when he endorsed Obama in April – makes him a real possibility as Obama’s running mate, according to interviews with current and former government officials who know both men.
“He sounds like he may be more open to it,” said Arnold Punaro, a retired Marine Corps general who served on Nunn’s Senate staff for 24 years and remains in close contact with his former boss. “He has never before endorsed anybody. That was a surprise to me.”
Those close to Nunn, speaking on condition of anonymity, say he seems more prepared to accept a vice presidential offer this year, helping to offset Obama’s lack of experience on national security and giving the Democrats a fighting chance in Georgia.
“I think he would be an excellent choice and would have to be in the top three or four for Obama,” said former secretary of defense William S. Cohen. Cohen, a Republican and former senator from Maine, and Nunn recently launched a bipartisan policy dialogue, sponsored by the centrist Center for Strategic and International Studies, designed to elevate nuclear security, climate change, national service, and other “seminal” issues in the national debate.

Jim Johnson apparently pushed Nunn for both Kerry and Obama, but now that he’s out of the picture I’d hope that this nonsense would end. No such luck, I guess.
So I’ve started a petition. I’ve registered the domain havingnunnofit.com for it; I’ll tell you when that’s up and running. When signed, the message (which details just three of the many reasons Nunn is completely unacceptable as a Democratic VP) will go to David Plouffe, Steve Hildebrand (Obama’s deputy campaign manager), and Eric Holder, one of his two running mate vetters. If anyone has Caroline Kennedy’s email address, I’ll add that to the list. We need to make sure that the Obama campaign knows just how much upset the Democratic base would be if Nunn is picked.

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