Clinton ’08: Because Obama Might Get Shot

You know, I would say "there are no words", but Keith Olbermann seems to have found them:

For me, the biggest symptom of disrespect and disdain for a politician is desensitization. That is, when they do something outrageous, when they raise the specter of their opponents' assassination or compare him to Robert Mugabe and herself to Morgan Tsvangirai, I don't care, not because it isn't despicable, but because it's to be expected. This is my attitude to the Bush administration, to right-wing talk show hosts, to the Michelle Malkin/Charles Johnson wing of the conservative blogosphere, to Joe Lieberman, to Michael O'Hanlon and Ken Pollack's Iraq commentary – yes, they speak lies and half-truths and slanders with disturbing regularity, but that's what they do. And yet until this month, until this week, not for a second did I think that Hillary Clinton – who led the biggest fight for universal health care in recent memory, who stood up to the right during the national humiliation of impeachment, who until Obama got into the race I was fully expecting to support for the nomination this year – would fall to that level, to that crass, horrible low. And yet she has.

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