Pro-Secessionist Tetris

This is some weird synchronicity: today I downloaded the excellent Mac OS X Tetris clone Quinn, and in its country options, not only is Abkhazia the first one listed, but South Ossetia, Palestine, Taiwan, Nagorno-Karabakh, and Western Sahara all are included in the list as well. For the record, according to the game’s top countries page, Israel (#56) beats Palestine (#63), China (#68) beats Taiwan (#80), South Ossetia (#53) beats Georgia (not in the top hundred) but loses to Russia (#18), Morocco (#44) beats Western Sahara (not in the top 100), and Azerbaijan (#73) beats Nagorno-Karabakh and Armenia (neither in the top 100). Clearly, this means that Israel should continue its occupation of the West Bank, Taiwan should continue to not be a formal state, Russia should annex South Ossetia, Morocco should keep Western Sahara, and that Azerbaijan ought to hold onto Nagorno-Karabakh. Also, the fact that neither Abkhazia nor Georgia is listed means that they need to seriously work on their Tetris skills. Because national boundaries, like all things of importance, must be decided by Tetris.

3 thoughts on “Pro-Secessionist Tetris

  1. Quinn really is a great tetris clone for OSX. For a while the developer, Simon Haertel, was hit with an injunction by The Tetris Company and forced to halt development and stop distributing it but thankfully he’s been able to clear up that whole mess and he’s back to developing new versions of it.

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