May Day

I love May Day. Ever since the Florida recount, during which I had a brief and ill-considered flirtation with Trotskyism (I was a really weird fifth grader), I’ve had a bizarre fascination with far left revolutionary movements, and their various brands and fractions. The Spartacist League, SDS and its remnants, the Wobblies, Situationism – name a far left organization, and chances are I spent a week of middle school obsessing over it. So May Day is a day of nostalgia for me. Also, it’s my dad’s birthday (happy birthday Dad!), which, considering his strident anti-communism, is pretty great.
You can’t have a good May Day celebration without good ol’ fashioned revolutionary songs. The classics are, of course, “The Internationale”, performed by the Red Army Choir and, my personal favorite, “Red Flag”, done by (who else?) Billy Bragg:
And, to prove the backing music of “John Brown’s Body” works with just about everything, here’s “Solidarity Forever” done by Pete Seeger:

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