Everyone knew Clinton would win; this is, after all, a state whose Democratic party is dominated by blue-collar and white female voters, exactly the demographics Clinton does best with. The fact that Obama tightened it as much as he did, in the face of ridiculous attacks like the Wright, “bitter”, and Ayers smears, is remarkable. According to MSNBC, Clinton’s margin is about 10 delegates, which, while not nothing, is about the number of superdelegates Obama nets on a good week. Indeed, one, the unfairly obscure Gov. Brad Henry of Oklahoma, has already endorsed today. Obama’s still insanely far ahead in North Carolina, despite Clinton’s dispatching of California/Texas guru Ace Smith there, and recent polling in Indiana suggests a moderate lead there too. Even if he loses Indiana, he’ll more than make up the loss in his delegate lead by the sheer size of his North Carolina victory. I really hope we’ll get more Clinton staffers on record as saying Indiana’s a must-win, and then see Obama sweep it and NC on May 6th, so that there’ll be a logical point for the madness to end. The thing that drives me crazy is that this race isn’t too different from past primaries. It’s just that, in the past, losing candidates have been humble/low-profile enough that when it becomes clear that defeat is inevitable, they exit with dignity (see Edwards, Bradley, Tsongas, etc.) But the combination of Hillary’s national figure, sway within the party, and sheer hubris has created the mess we have now. Something like a May 6th sweep would be really nice as an opportunity to knock some sense into her and her campaign and get them to play the role losing campaigns must, and in the past always have, done.

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